How To Measure For Roman Shades

How To Measure For Roman Shades

Hey friends! Looking to add some stylish roman shades to your home? I’m so excited for you! But before you start shopping, it’s crucial to measure your windows properly. I know, I know – measuring sounds tedious. But accurate measurements ensure your beautiful new shades will fit perfectly.

With some basic tools and my handy tips, you’ll be measuring like a pro in no time. Then you can relax knowing your custom roman shades are on their way to transform those plain windows into stylish focal points. Let’s do this!

Things to Know Before Measuring

First up, you’ll need a few essential tools:

  • A steel tape measure – don’t even think about using a fabric one! They stretch over time leading to inaccurate measurements.
  • A pencil and paper to jot down your measurements. I suggest using a measuring worksheet to keep organized.
  • A ladder if your windows are tall. Safety first!
  • Your patience. Measuring can be frustrating, but don’t rush it.

Some key things to remember:

  • Always measure to the nearest 1⁄8 inch. Rounding will mess up the fit.
  • Measure each window opening separately. Even if they look identical, assume they’re different sizes to be safe.
  • Note down width x height, like 20″ x 36″. This helps avoid mix-ups later.
  • Decide on inside or outside mount before starting. This changes your measuring method slightly.

Let’s dive into the steps for each mounting option…

Measuring for Inside Mount

If you want your roman shades to hang beautifully within the window frame, you’ll need to measure for an inside mount:

What Is Inside Mount?

Inside mounts sit within the window frame or casing. This showcases your window’s shape and trim molding. It provides a clean, seamless look.

Inside Mount Tips

To measure for an inside mount:

  • Check the minimum depth your shade needs to fit inside the window recess.
  • Measure the window opening’s width at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the narrowest width.
  • Measure the height on the left, right, and center. Use the tallest height.
  • Order using the exact opening size. The factory will make small deductions so your shades fit perfectly inside the window recess. Don’t make any deductions yourself.
  • Always note down width x height.

Measuring this way ensures your shades will fit snugly inside those window frames!

Measuring for Outside Mount

Prefer your shades to hang outside the window frame on the molding or wall? You got it, let’s measure for an outside mount:

What Is Outside Mount?

Outside mounts are installed completely outside the window frame on the molding or wall around it. This provides more privacy and light blocking.

Outside Mount Tips

Follow these steps for outside mount measurements:

  • Verify the mounting surface meets the shade’s requirements. Some need at least 2″ flat space.
  • Measure the width from edge to edge across the top. Add extra width to extend past the window for maximum privacy.
  • For the height, measure from the sill down, adding extra length at the bottom for the mounting hardware.
  • Specify the exact size you need. The factory will make your shades that exact size.
  • As always, note down width x height.

That’s it! Your shades will now mount perfectly on the wall or molding and give you full coverage.

Measure Different Window Types

Got specialty windows? No worries, you can measure them too!

Arched Windows

Measure the width along the base. For height, measure from the apex all the way down to where you want the shade to end.

Corner Windows

Take the width from corner to corner. Height is measured from top to bottom as usual.

Bay Windows

Measure each window section individually following the inside or outside steps above.

Skylights and Ceiling Windows

Use a tall ladder! Measure each skylight separately. Height is usually top to bottom. For width, consider minimum light blockage needed.

French Doors

Measure as one wide dimension from outer edge to outer edge. For height, measure from top to bottom.

Sliding Doors

With doors fully open, measure width from outer edge to outer edge. Height is top to bottom. Consider centered mounts covering both glass panels.

See, you can handle even the trickiest windows like a pro!

Consider Privacy and Light Gaps

Here are a few extra things to ponder as you measure:

Light Gap Coverage

If you have window trim, decide if you want the shades to cover the trim fully or leave a small “light gap” for ambiance. This changes your width measurement slightly.

Room Visibility

Think about which rooms or outdoor areas have views of your window. Measure accordingly to get the light blocking and privacy you need.

Account for Obstructions

Look for anything on or around your window that could obstruct the shades:

  • Window cranks
  • AC units
  • Alarm sensors
  • Plantation shutters
  • Trim or moldings

Measure around these objects so your shades will raise and lower cleanly.

Ordering and Installation

Once you’ve measured every window, double check your math. Seriously – take a second look! Bad measurements lead to expensive remakes.

When you’ve carefully measured and have your list of width x height measurements, you’re ready to order your custom roman shades with total confidence.

Consider hiring a professional installer to handle the tricky mounting and adjusting for light gaps.

You’ll also want to schedule the installation for the same day your shades arrive. This prevents any merchandise damages or returns.

Finally, the fun part – relaxing and enjoying your new roman shades!


Measuring for window treatments doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating. With the right tools and some handy measuring tips, you can feel confident ordering custom roman shades tailored to your unique windows.

Remember to take your time, measure each window separately, and note down the width x height format. Following the inside or outside mounting steps, you’ll get perfect measurements every time.

Before you know it, your home will be graced with beautiful roman shades elevating your room’s style. No more plain boring windows – just stylish shades showcasing your impressive measuring skills. You go, friend!